Our Sendle integration now supports domestic and international shipping within the US and Canada! This expansion allows you to streamline your shipping process across more locations.
To get started, set up Sendle as usual with a few important steps:
  1. New API: Ensure you have the "Use New API" option ticked from within Settings > Couriers > Sendle
  2. Product Code: Enter a US or Canada supported product code. If you're unsure which codes to use, you can check out Sendle's support guide.
Sendle requires a separate account (and set of API keys) for each shipping location. In Starshipit, you'll need to:
  1. Create new child accounts for each location (US/Canada/Australia).
  2. Integrate each unique set of API keys into its respective Starshipit account.
For more details on setting up Sendle refer to our support documentation.