We're excited to announce that you can now pass prescription medications using the item_schedule_class product types.
Follow these steps to get started:
Step 1: Set Up Tags
  1. Navigate to Settings > Tags
  2. Click 'Add New'
  3. Create tags based on your supported prescription medication schedules:
  • Example: Add a tag 'Schedule 1' for item_schedule_class '1'.
  • Rendr supports 8 classes. Create tags for each class. For instance, to support item_schedule_class: 6, add a tag 'Schedule 6'.
Step 2: Assign Tags to Orders
Option 1: Assign via Rules
  1. Navigate to Settings > Rules
  2. Click 'Add a new rule'
  3. Set the Condition(s) (e.g., All Orders)
  4. Set the Action to 'Assign Tags'
  5. Select the appropriate schedule tag(s) for the class you want to pass to Rendr
  6. Click Save
Option 2: Assign via Order Details UI
  1. Open the order
  2. In the bottom right section, find 'Tags'
  3. Add the appropriate schedule tags for the shipment
When tags are assigned to an order, we will check the order tags during the printing of the Rendr order and then pass appropriate class to Rendr. Note: If more than one schedule tag is added to an order, we will process the order with the highest schedule number. For example, if both Schedule 3 and Schedule 8 tags are added, the order will be processed with Schedule 8.
✉️ Need assistance? Reach out to our friendly support team for help!