You can now filter the Orders Grid to only display orders containing a specific single SKU.
This improvement will help you easily identify and manage single SKU orders, making them quicker to process when you need to focus on a specific product, or prioritising orders only containing a single SKU for more efficient fulfilment.
How to use the single SKU filter
  1. In UI 2.0, navigate to the Orders Grid
  2. Click into the 'Filter orders' bar and find the 'Single SKU' section in the dropdown
  3. Click the SKU you wish to filter by and the Orders Grid will be updated to only display single SKU orders containing your selected SKU
SKUs are ordered in the dropdown from most to least frequent across orders. The number in the brackets next to the SKU is the number of single SKU orders containing that SKU.
⭐️ Available in UI 2.0 only
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