StarTrack has additional fees surcharges based on package size.
I would like to see StarShipiT add these surcharges to the API price rate displayed. Preferable with the breakdown: ie: $20 rate + $11.50 Surcharge = Total $31.50)
Surcharge #1 "Manual Handling Surcharge" (MHS) for Goods that exceed any of the following dimensions:
• length of 117cm
• width of 60cm
• height of 60cm, or
• 20kg in dead weight.
The surcharge amount should be editable in the Couier Settings as not all MHS is equal for all Startrack customers.
Surcharge #2. Oversize Surchare.
Applicable to any item excluding pallets or skids
  • Dead Weight Over 32kg: $75.00
-Any dimension from 150cm to 199cm: $20.00
Applicable to any item including pallets and skids
  • Any dimension from 200cm to 299cm: $40.00
-Any dimension from 300cm to 399cm: $75.00
-Any dimension from 400cm to 499cm: $250.00
-Any dimension from 500cm to 599cm: $450.00
-Any dimension 600cm or over: $600.00 -
Pallets and skids only Height over 180cm: $20.00 -
Length or width from 150cm to 199cm: $20.00